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Your organization is facing EPIC challenges?

Yes. Your organization is facing one or more of the following challenges:

Low Engagement
Low Productivity
No Innovation
Culture non-alignment

Companies need to build a culture where employees can be productive and happy.

The problem with most companies is that they don’t have the resources to create an environment where their people are both engaged and motivated. They’re either not engaging enough or too restrictive, which means their employees aren’t getting anything out of working for them.

We’ve built this system from scratch specifically to meet the needs of small businesses who want nothing more than for their team members


Effortlessly improve the efficiency, effectiveness and engagement of your team members

bloom components

EPIC  offers all the tools you need to help your teams work better together, while also allowing them space for independent thinking and growth. EPIC Hub helps businesses get more done in less time so projects can be completed on-time without sacrificing quality. But wait. That’s not all !  Bloom hub accomplishes much more than a  project management software

It’s like having all of your business’ needs met under one roof – no matter what stage your company is at right now, we’ll grow with you as long as you keep us around!

Video Platform

E-learning system enables your employees to improve their critical human and digital skills.


Host unlimited courses, quizzes or subscribe to our knowledge cloud

Private Network

Private social network keeps your team always connected outside the workplace without needing to worry about privacy concerns.

Private Social Network

Create unlimited groups, discussion forums and exchange ideas freely.
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Search Engine

Upload all your SOPs, policies , How to documents . Let your employees find the information they need with a simple search

Knowledge Management

Never lose information on inboxes of your old employees. Keep your knowledge base at a central place
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Move from plans to progress at ease. You don't need fancy project management tools to push your agenda.

Project Management

Track timelines, deadlines. Move from plans to progress.
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Ideation Wall

Bring out the best in your team. Encourage your employees to share their ideas and get pleasantly surprised.

Ideation Wall

Boost engagement and ownership by pushing innovation. See the positive changes
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Share files, policies and procedures securely. Save on email costs.


Connect people from top floor to shop floor. Encourage meritocracy.
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Pulse surveys

Run pulse surveys and assessments.

Pulse surveys

Create meaningful data insights on how the company is doing internally. Boost your NPS.
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Bloom Savings Calculator

See how EPIC can increase your profits by 20% or higher

EPIC is a could productivity hub for your team members. Think of the platform as your digital workspace on cloud.

EPIC platform is primarily accountable for increasing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement of your team members. The Bloom hub offers you the following:

1. E-learning system

  1. Enables your employees to improve their critical human and digital skills
  2. Improves their productivity, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness

2. Private social network

  1. keeps your team always connected outside the workplace without needing to worry about privacy concerns
  2. Enables open and uninterrupted communication from Top floor to shop floor
  3. Reduces communication costs
  4. Saves significant costs on email licenses
  5. Fosters open knowledge sharing
  6. Moves the organization away from inbox syndrome

3. Project management system

  1. Ensures that all your critical projects are managed from start to finish.
  2. Helps smooth and methodical implementation of critical projects
  3. Protects the organization from having multiple time and cost over runs
  4. Improves visibility and decreases follow up
  5. Promotes data driven decisions rather than gut feels and guess works

4. Ideation tool

Your team can use our ideation tool to generate cutting edge ideas. This tool makes brainstorming a breeze.

  1. Improves collaboration
  2. Reduces rework
  3. Reduces costs on product iterations and feature recall
  4. Improves accountability and ownership.

5. Knowledge management system

Keeps all your company’s knowledge in a central and secure place.

Very much. This what we recommend. We discourage the use of traditional mails for communication. Traditional communication modes are slow, siloed and subjective. Therefore, you should encourage your clients to use the platform. Start by creating groups and project management dashboards. All these tools increase collaboration, agility and transparency.


Don’t worry about the security. We can configure several roles and assign resources and permissions.

We can offer. However, you will lose on several benefits that cloud platform offers. Cloud severs are naturally more secure, scalable and are very cost efficient. We also offer a very lean support model. All these aspects bring the total cost of ownership significantly down.

Yes. We offer several web-hooks and purpose-built APIs. We can extend and integrate the system based on your requirements.

Our processes are ISO 27001 compliant. The platform complies with all security standards. The platform is hosted on secure cloud servers. Your data is hosted on exclusive virtual instances.

100%. We have configuration and content management option for everything you use. Once we train your resources, they hardly need to see us for any requirements.

Discover how simple it is to
spot the disengaged employees
and re-engage them using Blom

Your Problem
  1. Your employees don’t get recognition for their work
  2. Your team members are not aware of the impact of their work. In other words, they don’t know their purpose in the organization
  3. Your employees are ignored, are not valued and pushed to a corner.
  4. Your team members suffer from FUD fatigue. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
  5. Your staff members do not know what is expected of them or they don’t have right tools to complete what is expected of them
  6. Your team members are low in productivity
  7. There is a communication gap
  8. Skills of your team are outdated
  9. There is a trust deficit
  10. Your organization has a poor working conditions and toxic culture
Workplace culture

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