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Total frontline staff

Estimated Average RPE per hour​

Estimated RPE gains PM

Note on calculations

Regular Gains

  • Rehire cost is usually 30% of the cost of CTC (If you are lucky of course ! )
  • Adjusted CTC will be between 30% to 60% of the CTC depending on your perks, facilities, and overheads
  • Revenue Per Employee varies based on a multitude of factors like the industry, pricing policy, efficiency, and so on. To be on the conservative side, we have considered 2x of the cost per employee per hour. The health rate though is 3x

Notional / Variable Gains

  • We assumed that a majority of frontline staff/shop floor workers do not need emails with external access 
  • Similarly, you can save on various licenses such as project management, communication, collaboration tools. We have considered a nominal amount of INR 100 per month per employee
  • Our Knowledge management tool, when utilized effectively can significantly reduce your support costs / full-time agent costs. We have considered a nominal amount 
  • By using the facilities of bloom you can reduce a minimum of 20% of your attrition and reclaim 1 hour of their productivity. 
  • Disclaimer: Tool is only as good as the owner. Use it wisely and completely to reap more benefits.  
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